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Where to play?

10 Useful Tips for Advanced Players

With more and more fans flocking to the game on a daily basis, online and casino poker is becoming a pretty tough game, so here are some tips, not only to aid in the process of becoming an advanced player, but to give you an edge if you already feel you are a pro. You should pay close attention to these tips prior to claiming your 2013 promo codes for Williamhill and starting an actual game.

Cut Back On The Booze:

Despite the fact it calms your nerves, too much alcohol will impair your judgment and your senses, both of which you need to best your colleagues or make some money on the Internet.

Don’t Limp:

Make a raise rather than limp. You will place more money in the pot, so you receive extra value for a premium hand.

Isolate bad players:

Much of your profit gained in poker online or live might come from taking advantage of other players’ mistakes. Try to raise with wide range of hands and possibly target an opponent or opponents weaknesses.

Back Off On The Bluff:

Many people feel this is key ingredient of the game, but really bluffs are only effective in certain situations. Pick your spots to use this technique wisely, because it truly could burn you in the long run.

Keep On Top Of It:

Remember to always be alert and active at all points in the game. You not only have to be aware of your hand, but keep track of what is going on with everyone else at the table. You’ll be surprised at how much success you will achieve employing this strategy.

Get Out When You Need To:

Don’t keep hanging around when you don’t have the cards. Many beginners commit this error and they need to keep in mind that sometimes it’s best to cut your losses and move on to the next hand.

Watch Those Cards:

And not just your own. Keep a running tab of what cards are laying on the table and what other players have folded, before making your own move.

Be On Guard For Other People Behavior:

Reading peoples’ body language is very important to your success. If someone makes a particular grimace when they don’t have the cards, tuck that information away because it could sure come in handy later in the game.

Don’t Bust Your Bank:

If that game is too expensive for you to play don’t get in. Always consider this factor in your bills before wagering too much. Don’t put yourself in a hole.

Select The Sweet Spot:

Don’t be silly and live above your means. Sure, we are about a little bit of adventure and taking a chance, but stick to the games you can afford and know well.

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