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Where to play?

Always go for the big pots

If you play poker long enough, the only way you’re likely to win seedily is by playing the percentage game. This is a truism based on probability and it’s one that is realised by all the world’s greatest poker players. That isn’t to say for one moment that such players are boring or that they never go all-in; it’s merely to acknowledge that, ultimately, it’s a game of probabilities.

Of course, nowhere in a casino is this less so than at a poker table. With other games like roulette, the odds are far simpler as there are no real psychological factors – it’s all down to the raw numbers. In poker, there are so many psychological factors that come into play – which is why those of us who love the game usually do so. But it’s still about probabilities, ultimately, and anyone who can’t calculate the odds quickly in their heads had better either give it up – or get very lucky petty quickly.

But there are ways in today’s online gaming world where you can stack the odds firmly in your favour – and that’s by taking advantage of free offers and by always going for the really big pots available.

Modern online casinos sites include very generous introductory bonus offers for new players and for those referring their friends to the site. And what it’s also really good at is building its progressive jackpots on standard and multi-line slots – and being really clear about the standing of those jackpots at any given time.

Now put these two things together and you have some statistical probabilities that can really make sense for even the most hard-nosed percentage players among us; namely – big jackpot potentials coupled with generous free offers.

By taking advantage of these two routes at the same time, you really don’t have a lot to lose – but the possible gain is enormous. What’s more, the games are just fun and you can play them for really tiny stakes or just for the fun if you want a little time away from concentrating at poker. But the crucial thing to remember is that, statistically-speaking, they do make sense.

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