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Poker Nicknames - Understanding Some Popular Terminologies

It is common to give people nicknames to easily remember and refer to them when you are talking to your friends. This is also useful as code words to prevent others from knowing whom you are talking about. Similarly, many hands in poker have been given nicknames that have gained popularity over time. As a poker player, every of these nicknames should be known so that it is easy to identify it if someone refers to it by this name.

Sometimes, over time, some of these nicknames tend to become outdated. Let us see one such case. The three of the same kind hand of three tens was referred to as “thirty miles of bad road” or also “thirty miles”. This concept of distance in this hand gave it another nickname “Gilroy to San Jose” as the distance in earlier days was about 30 miles. However, the growth of both these places has virtually nullified any gap between the two places. So, now this nickname is not apt but still it has been retained. There is one more nickname to the same hand “Woodbine to Corbin”. Although it is quite easy to assume that the distance between Woodbine and Corbin is 30 miles, when you actually see the distance between the two places, you will realize that it is just 5 miles. Wonder why that nickname was coined out here!

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The number of nicknames to complete poker hands is far fewer when in comparison to two card hands of Texas hold’em and you will not meet them at gambling guide. This is more so probably as very few hands in complete poker hands have the capability of gaining a nickname, one such being AK-47 named after the famous machine gun. But, here a complete line of hands have been termed “double-schekies” which is a nickname that has been given to hands with double suits.

Let us now see and remember some of the popular nicknames for Texas hold’em poker beginning hands.

An Ace Pair as American Airlines, Bullets or even known as Rockets

Two Kings as Cowboys

A Pair of Queens as Canadian Aces; Canadian Rockets; Siegfried & Roy

Double Jacks as Hooks or Fishhooks

A pair of 8’s as Doggie Balls or Snowmen

Two 7s as Sunset Strip

A pair of 6’s is referred to as Route 66, the most famous highway in the US

A double of 5’s as Speed Limit; Presto

The pair of 4s is called Canadian Presto

If you carry a 3-pair, it is known as Crabs

The lowest pair of all, the 2-pair as Ducks

A starting hand of Ace and King as the Big Slick

An Ace and Queen combination is aptly called Big Chick. It is also referred to as walking Back to Houston

A King and Queen of the same suit is termed Marriage

A King and Queen of Different Suits is called Mixed Marriage

If you have a King and Jack, it is a Kojak

A King and 9 combo is called What a Dog or Fido

A King and 3 combination is known as King Crab or even Commander Crab

A Queen and a seven is called a Computer hand

A Queen and a three is called Gay Waiter or a queen and a tray

A Jack and a five is Jackson Five or Motown

A Ten and a eight is Golden Dan

If you have a Ten and a five, it is called Five and Dime or F&W Woolworth's

If you have Ten and four, you are holding a Broderick Crawford, Good Buddy or a Convoy.

A Ten and a Two is called Texas Dolly

A Nine and Eight combo is called Oldsmobile

A Nine, Six starting hand is referred to as Dinner for Two or as Big Lick

If you are holding a Nine and a Five, you are currently holding Dolly Parton

If you are having a Nine and a Two, you are with Montana Banana

An Eight and Three is referred to as the most feared hand of all the hands you can have in Hold’em

A Seven and Ten is called a Split

If you are having a Seven and a Six, you are playing Union Oil

Last but not the least, we have the J4 combination that gained popularity because of John “Austin Squatty” Jenkins who had the habit of using this hand and would raise the bets and even re-raise. So, the hand was nicknamed after him and was also coined “Kid Grenade” as this hand is like an explosive device with a short fuse. Jenkins also referred to this hand as “Full employment” saying that anyone who plays this hand is married to poker full time.