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Where to play?

Basic Poker Betting Option

Betting systems for poker are a lot different from the ones at online casinos for online slots and blackjack, because in order to know how to win at slots you simply have to play Max bet on progressive machines. Our gambling guide
will tell you all poker variations that start from the compulsory bets, placed by all or some gamblers to create the initial pot. In some games the obligatory bets are small and big blinds (Texas Hold’em) or ante and bring-in (stud poker games). To wager the gamblers usually use range of player options:


This poker betting option is also available if there was not any wager before in the particular betting round. In case the poker player chooses to bet the following player can just raise, call, fold.


To fold means to give up the hand and forfeit the interest in winning pot. In case the player choose to fold he/she loses all wagered chips and can not take part in the next betting round till the new game begins.


The gamblers can call when in the current round of betting the wager was done. By calling the player matches the amount of the wager made by the previous player.


After the wager was placed the next gambler can raise the bet. This poker betting option means to equal the size of the previous bet and increase it somehow. All the next poker players are to call the raise or increase it once again (re-raise). Every betting round is completed as soon as all gamblers in the game have posted the equal amounts into the pot, otherwise betting continues till all the bets are matched.

The last betting round ends by the showdown when all gamblers which are still in the hand show the hands and the winner is awarded. Sometimes the showdown may not occur. It happens when after the bets or raises all the gamblers fold. So the only gambler which is still active gets the whole pot.


If there was not any bet in the betting round the poker gambler may check that means that the player passes his/her turn to wager to the following player. Choosing to check the gambler just skips to act, not adding money to the pot and staying in the hand till next turn to act, and this does not mean that the player gives up.

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