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Basic Rules For Poker Games

Flop, Turn, River and Showdown are the common rounds of poker game still the rules of some poker variations differ from the standard ones. They certainly differ from flash client poker that is download version available on most sotes. We are going to discuss these differences.

Holdem Rules

Texas Holdem poker game is the button card game which means that the specific button to indicate the dealer’s position is applied in this poker version. According to the rules for poker games Texas Holdem session starts by betting. Unlike when you play blackjack or online slots in online casinos, as a rule the two players after the dealer make the compulsory blind bets, big and small blinds. Then the pocket cards are dealt. Every player in the game receives two face down cards. Then the first betting round proceeds. It starts from the first poker player next the big blind bettor and ends as soon as all poker players contributed the equal amount into the pot.


As the rules for poker games state when the first betting round is completed three community cards are placed on board. The poker players verify their hands and make bets. There is the second betting round. As during the first round of betting the poker players may fold, check, raise, call and bet and use all-in option (in no limit poker games).


One more face-up community card (turn) is placed on board. Once again the betting occurs which is started by the first active player immediately next to the button. As a rule at this point of play the minimum betting sum is raised twice.


The betting round finishes and the last community card is dealt. The final betting round follows. The river card gives the players the last chance to better the hands and in fact it may be the card which indicates whether to stay in the hand or leave.


When the last betting round is completed the active gamblers reveal the cards. The five cards hands are verified in accordance with the standard poker hand rankings. Keep in mind, that in accordance with the basic rules for poker games in Texas Holdem poker variant the gamblers are allowed to use any of their hole or pocket cards and any of the community cards to create five card hands.

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Seven Card Stud Poker Rules

One of the basic peculiarities of Stud rules for poker games is that they are played with antes made by all the players before the cards are dealt. Seven Stud poker game is the game in which the poker players compete with each other. So, after the antes are posted all the players receive three cards each, two are hidden and one face-up. The betting round follows. The poker player that was dealt the weakest face-up card is to open the next round. This poker player has to post bring-in bet that is equal to the lowest bet or the half of this betting amount. After bets are placed one more card also called the “fourth street” is dealt face-up. The round of betting proceeds. Then two face-up cards which are known as fifth and sixth streets are dealt one by one followed by round of betting each. Finally the poker players get the final seventh card, that is dealt face-down. The players use all their cards to make their poker hands. The player who obtains the strongest poker hand is awarded the pot. In case of the identical poker hands the pot is split.

Omaha Poker Rules

Omaha poker game is one more widespread poker game variant after Texas Hold’em. This is owing to the simplicity of both rules for poker games. Omaha is often played in two forms: pot-limit and fixed-limit.

Omaha is the button card game. The first two gamblers close to the dealer’s button place blinds and the cards are dealt, four cards for every poker player. The game session has the same rounds like Texas Holdem poker does: these are flop, turn and river, during which five community cards occur on the board. The hands in Omaha games are must be formed of five cards, however, the most important Omaha rules for poker games dictate that the player must use two pocket cards and three board cards in any combinations to create the hand. In the showdown the players which are still in the game turn over their hands and the pot is received by the poker player who holds the strongest hand.

Pai Gow Poker Rules

Pai Gow is one more not very widespread poker variation. According to general rules for poker games it is also played against the banker. Every player and the dealer get seven cards of that they are to form two high poker hands. Five cards hand that is also known as "behind", and "bottom" is ranked according to the traditional hands ranking and two cards hands are formed according to the special Pai Gow hands rankings.

Let It Ride Poker Rules

This poker game version is not very popular as the mentioned ones but still it can be played in some card rooms. Not like most games it is played against the banker. As for the rules Let It Ride is in fact the form of stud poker. Firstly the poker players have chance to place three various bets including the bonus bet (learn the poker rules typical for casino). The gamblers receive three exposed cards and the dealer’s community cards occur face-down on the board. The first community card is shown and now the gamblers may decide whether to quit the game or stay, in other words Let it Ride. When the second community card is exposed the poker players take the decision again and then the hands are verified for the win. You can learn more if you read specialized gambling guide.