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Know Various Types of Poker Hands

What are the cards you got in your hands is most important. There are different types of poker hands that can determine your rank in the game. We are now going to discuss about a few of them here, our gambling guide into poker.

Royal Flush - This is surely the highest flush. If you get from the ace to ten from a same suit then that is considered as a royal flush. It has the most of the options to make the hand. If you know the strategies then you smoothly use royal flush to win the game.

Straight Flush – If you know how to play video poker then you have more chance to get five consecutive cards from any one suit then that is considered as straight flush. It is very rare to get a straight flush. But if you get one you can use it smoothly to win the pot. Sometimes you can even hit the jackpot with it.

Four of a Kind – If in case four of the cards in your hand are from same suit then you got four of a kind hand. It can be very beneficial and the players always want this type of hand but get very rarely.

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Full House – If you get three of a kind and another pair with that then this is full house. If in case there is a tie then the three of a kind comes to consideration and the higher rank wins the pot.

Flush – If you get any five from the same suit then that is called flush. It follows the basic poker rules. The higher flush always wins.

Straight – If you get five cards from any suit and they are in a sequence then that is known as straight. It is common and follows the basic poker rules.

Three of a Kind – When one gets three same cards from different suit then that is called as three of a kind. You can use set and trips to play three of a kind. In case you hold a pocket pair in your hand then it is called a set. If in case you get one of a rank and there are also two more then that is known as three of a kind.

Two Pair – If a couple of players get any two pairs then that is known as two pairs. If there is a tie then player who has highest ranking pair wins the pot.

One Pair – If you get two same rank cards then that is called a pair. The highest ranking pair always wins among two players. If in case both the players get same pair then the highest card plays the deciding part.

High Card – If in case you get no pairs in your hand then the higher rank always win the pot.  If it is a tie and both the players got same high ranked cards then the second highest card comes into the account. This is considered as the weakest hand in poker. You need to be really strong in poker strategies to win poker with high card. If you can do that then sometimes you can even hit the jackpot also. You need to be very strong and play your cards correctly every time.